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So! Unlikely as it may seem, three times yesterday (on each occasion quite early on in different tourneys), having 3xBB raised from early position, with AA, KK and then QQ I was called in mid or late positions. On each of these occasions, the flop came with two matching cards and one other card (4,4,J all off suit on one occasion when I had KK and then 7,7,K all off suit on another when I had AA). The subsequent turn and river cards were pretty meaningless cards 2 and 8 in the first hand and 3 and 9 in the second.

Both games took various paths to the river.

At the end of the hands the villain showed in the first instance J4, winning with 444JJ, and in the second instance the villain showed K7, winning with 777KK.

I was wondering how you may have played these hands with the information available.

KK with a flop of 4,4,J.
AA with a flop of 7,7,K.



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