Scratch Card Mentality in Today Online Poker.

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Most of the poker sites these day are increasingly going into the path of this hyper/turbo and excessive late registration type of mentality because of the factor of rake.Faster game mean faster profit in term of rake collections and,more players in a tourney with excessive late registration also mean more rake collections disregarding the huge factor of variances involved.

The main problems is,these days we are actually running out of option because there are fewer and fewer +EV game available to choose from and most site are reluctant to offer it anymore because of the factor of profits as customers are no longer their main priority.At this rate the only games you could look forward to are the flip All in or Fold tournaments or 20 to 30 level of excessive late registration.Poker room are no longer interested in offering the kind of game that you can actually make an EV+.They are heading into this Scratch Card kind mentality because profit is their only main priority.Online poker is not what they used to be.You can’t hardly find a beatable game these days.

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