RANT: So sick of mean, nasty, rude, or just kamakazi players

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Ok, I get it that some people like to banter at the table, which as long as it is friendly is cool, but some people take this stuff too seriously. What ever happened to a friendly game of poker where you take loses in stride and wish your fellow poker player the best and have fun in a non destructive way? I realize I may be an idealist and this is usually not something I find too often playing live, but it just sucks when people can’t control their anger or their physical, mental or financial limits.
Why get on a site and it’s obvious you are burned out for the day, and then just start trying to pick fights or call people names because you lost a hand or just start going all in on every hand making it so people can’t even play?
When any of this happens, dude it is time to take a break. Get some fresh air, eat something, take a shower, talk to another human being face to face, go to sleep, SOMETHING, just don’t ruin the game for everyone else.
Can anyone relate? Am I describing you?
Are some sites just worse than others these days?
Thankfully you can block one player’s chat on some sites.:cool:


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