Raising the flop with top pair "to see where you're at"

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So I got into a discussion with some live poker friends and all of them believe that it’s a good strategy to raise the flop with top pair "to see where you’re at".

We came up with a hypothetical:
You’re playing with 150bb stacks. Villain raises to 6bb (standard opening raise size for live poker) and you call on BTN with AJo.
Flop comes Js 9h 8h
Villain Cbets to 9bb.
Is it a good strategy to raise the flop to 27bb here "to see where you’re at"? And then fold to a 3bet shove?

They argue that by raising, you retake the initiative and you gain a lot of important information about the strength of the villain’s hand. Another argument they gave was that the villain could have a hand like KQo and you don’t want to let them spike a K, Q or T on the turn.

What is your opinion on this?

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