Poker Central To Run Poker/E-Game Event

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Poker Central and Amazon Coins announced Thursday a new event titled “Worlds Collide,” which will pit poker pros against elite e-gamers.

Poker Central, the world’s only 24/7 poker TV network, said that the match will be across three different games: Jackpot Poker, Hearthstone and Pac-Man 256.

Jackpot Poker is a mobile game developed by PokerStars; Hearthstone is a digital collectable card game from Blizzard Entertainment; and Pac-Man 256 is a 2015 Android and iOS video game in the Pac-Man series.

Team Poker Central, which includes Maria Ho, Doug Polk and Scott Ball, will face off against Team Amazon Coins, made up of three famous e-gamers, Jason Chan, Esteban Serrano and David Caero.

Poker fans can watch it live on Poker Central’s*Twitch channel.

The event takes place May 24 from 2-6*PST.

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