Online Poker In Australia Set For Crackdown After Government Review

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This is BS.. sorry to hear this AU players.…t-review-22117


Could PokerStars Be In Trouble Down Under?

The Australian government has agreed with 18 of the 19 proposals included in the IGA, many of which will look to prohibit Internet gaming Down Under. The report urges the government to:

  • Prohibit online credit for gamblers
  • Set up a self-exclusion list for problem gamblers
  • Install national standards for online betting advertising
  • Introduce “Name-and-shame” register for illegal offshore New Jersey, it could be a tricky time. Amaya will not want to fall foul of yet more anti-poker regulation and could pull its services entirely from Australia. Aussie poker players might have to start checking flights to Mexico or the UK if their beloved games are taken away in the next few months.

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