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I am wondering what is going on in the Micros at this network over the last week or two.

I have been an NL2 player for the last 10 months, and with 60k hands in, I managed a win rate of 6bb/100 over that sample. I generally found the games easy, a large number of loose and passive players, as I guess you would expect at the lowest limits. I was starting out to also play some NL4 ,

Perhaps it is variance or my sample, but the player pool at NL2 seems somewhat different recently.

1. The games seem to have gone to now having very very few week and loose players to a much more TAG than previously. For example, I generally 6 table and here are the total average table stats for the last 2 sessions, for VIP and PFR.
Session 1 6 tables: 25/17,23/17, 26/21, 21/19, 22/16, 23/10
Session 2 6 tables: 21/15, 23/15, 18/16, 23/15, 25/18, 19/14.
(I am around 23/19)
Now these are only 2 sessions, but the past week seemed like this on nearly all other tables I played, (so just noted down the above table stats for the last 2 sessions for this post). I do practice table selection.

2. There were very few if any fishy types.

3. Games are running with a larger number of tables and players at hours it previously started to dry up e.g late Sunday night into early Monday morning,

So for those who play on this network at the micros are you noticing anything different?

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