How to play out bad variance?

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I’ve been playing some 2NL zoom and made $40 from it. Now I’m not sure if it was skill mixed with luck or all luck because now ive gone down to $35, yeah its not much but I’m worried about dropping alot more and losing what I have earned. How can I play out bad variance? Do I just keep playing or could I stop for a few weeks and come back to it? On pokertracker it says I’m a profitable player so lets hope it wasn’t all luck that got me $40 haha. Also people have been folding preflop to my AA,KK and AK alot lately when I am doing a normal 3bb raise, is this part of bad variance also?

One more question. Why is it so bad to hit and run? I find in zoom poker with the massive swings I go from $5 to 0$ in a hundred hands or so. It could be that I maybe be playing looser but I swear that I’m playing the same. If I get a good hit of cash should I just leave? Maybe normal cash I wouldn’t leave but I’m thinking of just leaving after a big win so I can’t lose it all

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