Advantage of higher buy-in for same/lower prize GTD?

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Lately I’ve been sticking to $10+$1 GTD tournaments (usually the GTD is anywhere between 1K and 12K) but also notice that you can buy into similar tournaments for higher buy-ins (anywhere from $20+$2 to $100+$9) for GTDs in the same range (and a few higher of course).

So how do you feel about these? Is the reduced field size and possibility of a "slightly" larger prize pool (since entry is higher cost) worth a minimum of double the lower buy-ins with larger field sizes? For reference we’re talking about the difference between maybe 700-800 in the smaller buyins and 350-500 in the larger buy-in ones.

Basically is it worth it to play a 10K GTD for example paying double the entry price for a smaller field with chance of slightly higher payout structures that are less places paid?

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