$200 NLHE Full Ring: Live $1/$3 – Multiway pot with drunk spewy villain

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I played this hand last night at my local casino. Blinds are $1/$3 with a max buy-in of $200. Hero has a somewhat loose-aggressive table image and has been caught check-raising flush draws on the flop. But that’s nothing compared to the SB villain who is completely drunk and acting like a spewy maniac. He’s been donking out on flops almost 100% of the time, as well as raising Cbets and bluff shoving non-stop since he sat down. He’s folded maybe 2 out of the last 20 hands he played, and only when he was faced with an all-in bet postflop. Then there’s another villain in MP1 who is somewhat passive but also fairly suspicious about me and seems to think I’m bluffing more often than I actually am. He’s not a complete calling station though: I did bluff him off of top pair an hour ago when I check-shoved the flop with a flush draw (we both showed our hands afterwards). He’s been gradually calling me down looser since. The other players on the table are your average $1/$3 fish, but even they notice that the SB villain is a complete maniac who has been bluffing non-stop.

Hero (UTG) has a $350 stack
Drunk villain (SB) has a $200 stack
Suspicious villain (MP1) has a $700 stack
Other fishy villains all have around $200 stacks

Hero is dealt 77
Hero opens to $18
UTG+1 calls $18
Suspicious villain (MP1) calls $18
BTN calls $18
Drunk villain (SB) calls $17
BB calls $15
Everyone else folded

$100 in pot (6 players)
Flop shows 432 rainbow

Drunk villain shoves ALL-IN for $180
BB folds
Hero shoves ALL-IN for $330

What do you think about the way hero played this hand?

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