$200 NLHE Full Ring: $200 NL Full Ring: K-Qo, BTN, against unknowns. New to table.

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This may seem pretty standard, but I would like to discuss it, none the less.

1. BTN ($197) K-Qo. 3 limpers, we raise to $16, 4 callers (1 blind, and all limpers). Only piece of relevant information that made me think was this: when action was on UTG after my raise, he hesitated. I noticed it, and thought it was a little wierd.

Flop Q-8-3 two diamonds (5w, $80ish). Checks to me, I bet $45, 1c (UTG limper, 40ish white dude, no reads, no history, covers hero).

Turn 7h. ($170ish, minus $7 for rake and BBJ) Dude checks. Real time, I calculate pot at 150-160. I put him on inferior Q-x or FD. I have about $135, so I shove.

I welcome any/all comments here. I just wanted to dicuss the hand.

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