$200 NLHE Full Ring: $1/$3 Live – Massive pot with weak pair

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This was a $1/$3 live game played at my local casino. My read on villain is that he’s a decent reg, at least by low stakes live poker standards. I was really put off by his river donk shove (I was planning to check back the river if I missed my straight), but I didn’t think I could beat much with pocket 5’s. I was trying to represent a set by my flop and turn bets.

Hero (BB) has $600
Villain (SB) has $1000
Everyone else has between $200 and $600

Hero is dealt 5s 5c
Villain (SB) posts $1
Hero (BB) posts $3
UTG raises to $16
6 folds
Villain (SB) calls $15
Hero (BB) calls $13

~$45 in pot (3 players)
Flop shows 4d 6c 7s

Villain checks
Hero checks
UTG bets $30
Villain calls $30
Hero raises to $120
UTG folds
Villain calls $90

~$315 in pot (2 players)
Turn shows Jc

BB checks
Hero bets $250
BB calls $250

~$815 in pot (2 players)
River shows Kh

BB shoves ALL-IN for $220 effectively
Hero folds

What do you think about the way hero played this hand?

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