$200 NLHE Full Ring: $1/$3 Live – A sick spot for JJ

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I just played a session of $1/$3 live at my local casino and this was the biggest pot I was involved in. I’m unsure if I played the hand correctly or not. My read on the villain is that he’s a decent reg but is definitely on the loose gambling side of the spectrum. For the most part, he’s a fairly passive player, but I do believe that he’s capable of bluffing.

Hero (SB) has a $500 stack
Villain (CO) has a $1000 stack

Hero is dealt Js Jc

Hero (SB) posts $1
BB posts $3
UTG calls $3
2 folds
MP1 raises to $8
1 fold
Villain (CO) calls $8
1 fold
Hero (SB) raises to $40
3 folds
Villain (CO) calls $40

~$85 in pot (2 players)
Flop shows Td 7s 3d

Hero bets $50
Villain calls $50

~$180 in pot (2 players)
Turn shows Ac

Hero checks
Villain bets $100
Hero calls $100

~$380 in pot (2 players)
River shows Qd

Hero checks
Villain bets $220
Hero folds

What do you think about the way hero played this hand?

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