$2 NLHE 6-max: AK losing to fullhouse.

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This player I have tagged as tight-passive. This is on 888 poker so you only buy-in for 50bb

Hero MP raises 3bb holding AK (stack is $1.19)
folds to villain who calls in BB (stack is 0.98c)

FLOP Jh 3c 2s
Villain checks
Hero bets half pot
villain calls

TURN Jh 3c 2s Kh
Villain checks
Hero bets half pot
villain calls

RIVER Jh 3c 2s Kh Kd
Villain checks
Hero bets half pot
Villain raises 2x my raise
Hero shoves
Villain calls

Hero shows 3 of a kind KKK
Villain shows Full house 333KK

This is was my plan PF;
He is passive and does fold on flop so I cbet bluff
when he calls I suspect maybe AJ or Jx or 77+ pocket pairs
Turn shows the K so I bet again to get some value
When I hit my next K and he checkraised me I narrowed his range to 3 of a kind kings with him maybe shipping both streets. I was playing loose so I was thinking he may have wanted to stack me, which he did

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