$2 NLHE 6-max: AJ against LAG

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I only joined the table a few hands before. The vibe I was getting from this guy was a loose-aggressive type, but I would say a bad one. Obviously it was hard to tell though.

Hand: Ac Jd Stack: $1 Villain stack: $1.25

Villain UTG limps 2c
Villain 2 button limps 2c
Villain 3 SB limps 2c
Hero Raises 10c
Villain calls
Villain 2 calls
Villain 3 calls

FLOP 3d Jh 3h POT: 38c
Villain 3 checks
Hero bets 30c
Villain calls
Villain 2 folds
Villain 3 folds

TURN 3d Jh 3h 4c POT: 94c
Hero checks stack: 60c
Villain shoves stack: 90c
Hero ??????

Going through my head right now is that he wouldn’t limp/call with a 3 in his hand, but I could give way to pocket 3’s, but than again who would shove 4 of a kind? He could possibly be holding pocket pairs from 22-99. Or maybe JA-10.
Or he is shoving a draw, I still feel like I am ahead with the small reads I have on him. His shove on this board I think showed weakness and is scared of a draw from myself

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