$1115 NLHE MTT Deep Stacked: $1115 HPO REGIONAL MAIN EVENT(Play correct?)

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Okay so I got moved to a new table and third hand in utg I get AK suited diamonds. Blinds 400/800 50 ante, so I make it 2,250(I have about 53k), middle position player goes all in short of 20k( went all in two hands before this one). It folds to the big blind, he ask for a count and tanks for a moment, he flats the All in(he had about 85 to 90k to start)… I put him on 10s or JJ, I think for a moment and shove the rest of my stack. My thought here is the extra 33k over the top would make it difficult for him to call, which it did, he tanked for a few minutes…. Then called.

I’m just wondering if I should have folded knowing I’m behind to a pair or was the Pressure and shove the right play??

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