The hand that made MONEYMAKER a millionaire and poker star

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Chris Moneymaker vs Humberto Brenes WSOP 2003 -…

Once again, it proves how big the luck factor can be . It also proves how a player can do the exact WRONG play, and with good luck, become the big winner .

He did the wrong thing, at the right time and lady luck gave him 1 of his only 2 outs . He could not win with a straight draw or flush draw. Moneymaker basically put his tourney life at risk, making the worst move you can in NL hold em…getting it all in with a 2 outer and no back door draws. If moneymaker loses this hand, which he played so poorly [ and shoulda lost} he woulda not been a millionaire or a household name.

Ironically…if he had folded the hand , and played it PROPERLY, theres still a chance he would have not been a millionaire or household name, because he would not have won this huge pot with his miracle 2 outer hit. In other words, Moneymaker had to make this terrible play , and get extradorinarily lucky, in order to increase his chip stack and go to the final table.

He even admits in the hand, that he " knows hes in trouble‘ . My friends, this is just another piece of evidence of the luck factor. Getting it all in , and admitting you made the worse play possible..and still winning.

Welcome to NL hold em .

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