Should I fold this hand?

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Good afternoon to you all I was playing in a public tournament where the top three players get gets a chance play now online tournament on Sunday for a chance to go to Las Vegas if they’re finished in the top six. The blinds are 1 and 200 I was the big blind I had about I have a 2400 ships live. Under the gun Folds under the gun to Folds middle position raises to 300 everybody Folds except for me I was too big but I have 982 the diamonds I decide to call. The frog goes 7 of diamonds 10 of diamonds Queen of Hearts I now have a straight flush draw and I decide to check the original raiser decides to push all in I have about 2400 ships left I’m stuck in no man’s land what would you do with the hand I thought about calling for my straight flush draw what would you do with the hand that I had would you would you fold or call? Oh by the way the the original person that raised had over 3000 chips and had me covered.

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