Sharkscope HUD and membership

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The Sharkscope HUD looks pretty interesting. Can anyone tell me what it’s like, for both tournaments and cash games? I’m also curious about their monthly membership, and the different levels (Gold, Silver, and Bronze). Do they bill monthly, or do you have to pay for a certain number of months up front?

I think the Sharkscope software also has database capabilities. I like using Holdem Indicator on ACR over the PokerTracker HUD, but Holdem Indicator doesn’t let you enter your hands into its own database. Both my PokerTracker and Holdem Indicator programs are in the trial period, and even though I like the Holdem Indicator HUD, it seems overly expensive at $99, since it has no database.

I’m an old HEM user and that still works on my old computer. I’m going to have to move it over to my newer system that I play poker on now if something else doesn’t come along better.

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