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I know this is a very well documented topic however all conversations on this seem to be outdated so I wanted to reignite the spark.

I have been a losing player before I used a tracking software (maybe bc I used to play on my ipad "Total Fish") and even though Tracker says I’m still "Under" I’m pretty sure I am more than break even now with the freeroll money and some bonuses and a lot of grinding. And Now I realize just how important a tracker is when you are on the felt!

Now the question remains which tracker? I have used trial of both pt4 and hm2 (hm2 only a few days). I did not realize the simple but elegant features of PT until I stepped into HM domain. However HM has some crafty stuff of its own. But since I do not have abundant experience under my belt like you all I would appreciate some advice on the matter.

Personally I have found HM2 to be a bit laggy but that is not the main problem, sometimes the HUD disappears from the tables! (I’m someone who never used trackers a month ago and now without it on the table I feel I’m driving blind). Also HM2 is a bit too technical for me to explore during my trial.

Plus the main thing that bothers me their new releases. Nobody can find out about them until the company wishes so and who is to say I buy HM2 or PT4 just to know a new one came couple months after!

I am not looking for a pro Hm or PT here, just what are the benefits I can expect from each in the long run and how do they differ. Is there something in one that the other is not currently offering? For HM2 I feel a newer version would be available soon as this one has, as little as they may, kinks.

Sorry for my drafty post I am a big exhausted from a long and happy grind thanks to PT4 (seriously this little software has changed my sessions from losing 3-4 BI to winning them)

So experts please ignore the bad grammar and composition and please lay out your experiences. Much much appreciated!

Thank you.

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