Poker etiquette–showing mucked cards

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I’ve heard and pretty much agree with the idea that even though the rules allow it, asking to see a mucked hand when you won the pot is pretty frowned upon, but what if there’s a less ruthless way of having the same effect? Say you’re hesitating on a final call–in my opinion a circumstance that would arise in many cases that you’d want to see a mucked losing hand. I’d first ask "if I call and beat you, will you show?" In a way, I see this as sort of the inverse of the old "will you show if I fold?" question, and I believe a far more reasonable one. If they say no or are noncommittal, I’d then say something like "Well if I call and you do muck, I’m having the dealer show it. I just can’t NOT see what you have here."

In essence, what I’m proposing is to give warning before showdown about the use of the rule that allows for a player to have mucked cards revealed when they win a hand. So what do you guys think? Reasonable, or is it still rude? Or well, as I’d PERSONALLY put it, ruthless?

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