Need $13 of rake before the 19th, is it doable?

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I am one of many duped by the welcome package of poker sites. Well mostly bc we don’t bother to read that we have to earn it a very hard way. Anyway I just play 2NL and need 26 status points ($13 of rake) to clear a 10$ bonus. I have many bonuses left but this is the only one I can at least target.

Seeing my April stats, I have played 11.4k hands in 15 days and total rake I contributed is 29.15$ which roughly means I need to play 5,084 or more hands of my A game over the next 3 days if I want a shot. Now this seems a tough target bc I am focusing on certain aspects of my game and have restricted myself to only 3 tables in a session MAX. Also for April so far I have a good WR of 15.5bb/100.

Do you think it is wise to push myself for the bonus? Or should I just keep doing what I’m doing and if I get it then I get it?


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