Iron Poker wants to give me 5$ (dont know if I should accept it)

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Hello all, I just got an email saying that there is 5$ waiting for me in my Iron Poker account when I log in next time (if I do it in the next 4 days). Reading the fine print in the email it says :

"Players are required to generate 50 Iron Poker Points for every Cash Bonus Dollar ($1) received in order to make a withdrawal."

So if I activate this free 5$ (by logging in to my account), I will not be able to make ANY kind of withdrawal until I generate 250 Iron Poker points?. Am I understanding the situation correctly? or is it that I wont be able to withdraw that 5$ from my account? If all withdrawals are halted until I generate 250 IP points, I think I should just wait for the 4 days to expire (by not logging in to my account for 4 days) because I basically only play the freerolls on that site (I haven’t generated more that 50 IP points since I started that account). If anyone has some advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Btw, I could not care less about the 5$, but if I decide not to log in to my account for the next 4 days I will miss 2 freerolls I really like (the Canadian freeroll on Sunday night and the 10k Bonanza on Monday).

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