gonna make the jump from 2nl to 5nl…. comments?

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been playing for almost 2 years and have only recently starting making some money… i’ve flipped flopped between play money and real money…… in the last year i played play money forever and made the switch back to real money recently

started with an $18 bankroll my last deposit (3 weeks ago)… playing mostly zoom, and with some tourney winnings, i’ve built my bank roll to $95..

so, with cautious BRM, i’ve decided when i hit the $100 to $110 amount i will jump up to the 5nl zoom…. if i start losing i will go back down.

i’ve read that the biggest difference between limits is between the 2nl and 5nl….

can i get some comments on this statement?
general comments/observations/tips/etc?

thanks a bunch!:) 😀

(related) good link: http://www.blackrain79.com/2016/03/m…to-expect.html

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