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so I have been playing a lot of freerolls, placed twice on betonline for 2 bucks, twice at ACR for 1.50c and i have been grinding on another site that i wont mention the name because i dont want to lead anyone to play to because its only good for grinding dimes a day and i have 3 bucks there.

this is not a brag, i am in serious trouble because now i am on freeroll mode and i want to sit with my winnings and just try to double up this chump change but im still in freeroll mode. i am currently reading the supersystem trying to get ready to make the switch. im worried because i dont want to make loose calls and raise pots i shouldnt even be in. its easy to play a freeroll and you can afford mistakes but i dont want to lose what little i have won fast and with nl it can happen.

I want to sit with it all, 3 tables… 1 on each site and rock it however i am also thinking about waiting until i hit 10 usd on a site before i buy in 2nl. thats 5 buy ins. idk what do you guys think? :confused:

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