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Your tourney experience is getting even better with our new user interface starting Thursday, April 12th. There are 5 upgrades in all, including our Progressive Payouts where you’ll get paid as soon as you’re in the money.

Hand for Hand: When you’re close to the money bubble in every tournament, it’s important that everybody receives the same amount of hands to level the playing field and avoid stalling by players. Now before the bubble or final table in a standard tournament we’ll implement hand for hand play. In a satellite, hand for hand play starts 3 places before a seat is awarded.

Synchronized Breaks: Now breaks for all multi-table tournaments will last 5 minutes from the time the last hand ends before the break. This way, if you get involved in the last hand before the break it doesn’t cut into your much-needed break time.

On-Table Tournament Statistics Display: The essential information is now right in front of you on the play table as opposed to having to open up the individual tournament lobby. It will help you save time and concentrate on the hand(s) in front of you.

Progressive Pay-outs (ITM/ATM Technology): Have you ever wanted to get into the next tournament but ended up missing it because you were short on funds and had to wait until you’re knocked out of the one you’re currently playing (and have cashed in)? The waiting is over! Now as soon as the bubble bursts, the money will be paid directly into your account and we’ll keep adding your prize money directly to your account as soon as you hit each pay jump.

Fixed: preferred seating in MTTs when switching tables.

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We’re making great strides in improving our tournament product to make your experience better each and every time you login. Keep an eye out for these changes to be released starting Tuesday, April 12th.

Due to the new software updates we will have some scheduled downtime on Tuesday, april 12th for approximately 5:00am ET to 10:00am ET

Don’t forget the Online Super Series VI is right around the corner! From April 15th through April 24th we’re guaranteeing $2.5 million in prize pools spread across 76 action-packed events, including the $1,000,000 GTD Million Dollar Sunday Main Event at 4pm ET on April 24th. For the complete schedule, click here. (

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