BetOnline Hand History: What's wrong with it?

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HEM and PokerTracker 4 don’t seem to read the BOL hand history file. But when I look at the file itself, the data looks almost the same as any other card room hand history. There must be the smallest inconsistency that stops it from working, but I don’t know what that might be.

Does anyone know what minor change would be needed to make it work (even if I have to go into the hand history file and manually edit it)?
I tried pasting the BOL hand history of one hand into several different converters, and there were actually two that deciphered the file perfectly. Most of the converters, though, were unable to deal with the file.

I’m hoping to convert the BOL hand history file directly to import into HEM or PokerTracker 4 without having to enter each hand separately into the converters that work.

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