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Ok I am not one to complain about BOTS on websites, in fact I do not mind terribly playing them because they are not that good and easily manipulated – however the recent, and not so recent, reports of BOTS usage across the entire WPN network (ACR and BCP) is horrific.

There are threads in this forum of people exposing Bot Tribes to ACR – ACR responding that they deleted the accounts and will take measures for this to not happen again. Then just a few months later another person exposes over 100 bots to ACR, they again say they got rid of the accounts and will take measures for it to not happen again.

Hmm, seems almost like a pattern.

WPN – ACR and BCP – please do us a favor – either 1. admit you are the ones using the bots – no one will care. 2. tell us they exist and that you refuse to ever implement any devices to keep them from being used. 3. fix the problem.

I see everywhere now on websites that are trying to rid themselves of bot spammers by having a little button to push that says "I am not a robot" before you can do anything. I can not imagine that this is too difficult to have. Can we not have this in our poker websites – and have it ask every half hour and after a certain amount of time if the player does not hit the button they get logged off and flagged for review? Seems so simple.

Furthermore, all reputable sites run collusion and cheat software detection daily – do you not do this WPN? If you do why can you not find bots? – seems simple to me.

If you are to every stay afloat in this business you have to fix this now….your numbers are so thin already and getting worse with every new state that legalizes online poker (for Pokerstars, 888 and to step in) Michigan, Iowa and a few others are very close, and all are going to allow other states and countries players…once these roll out your site is DOOMED if simple problems like this can not be resolved permanently.

Sure, a few bots here and there may slip through the cracks at any site on rare occasions – but eventually be found, BUT these are so obvious and easily detectable it seems almost criminal that you didnt find them sooner.

I like WPN, I like the skin, the feel, and the colors (especially on BCP), I hope things there change soon.

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