$5 NLHE 6-max: Bluffing against 3 on an uncoordinated flop

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$5NLHE 6-max at Bovada

Table was very nitty/passive. they were quick to stack off when they had it, but got out of the way when they didnt or didnt have odds to complete any draws they had.

UTG ($8.55)
Hero/MP ($4.95)
CO ($5.00)
BTN ($8.48)
SB ($8.99)
BB (4.79)

Hero has:
:kd: :5h:

SB posts small blind: $0.02
BB posts big blind: $0.05
Hero raises to: $0.15
BTN calls
SB calls
BB calls

Flop: ($0.60)
:4s: :9c: :8c:

SB checks
BB checks
Hero bets: $0.30

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