$3.25 NLHE STT Turbo: 4 flush blind vs blind

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wadeostrum(BB) $708 – VP:32 PFR:16 AF:4.0 W:29|50 STL:50| 3B:0|0 CB:50|67 N:-675 STK:-4 Hands:19UncleEdddy2288(UTG) $2235 – VP:5 PFR:0 AF:1.0 W:50|100 STL:0|100 3B:0| CB:|0 N:800 STK:+1 Hands:19KBJ(MP) $1712 – VP:26 PFR:11 AF:2.0 W:80|25 STL:0|100 3B:17| CB:100| N:-1228 STK:-3 Hands:19qwsazxcde2(CO) $4148 – VP:47 PFR:5 AF:0.2 W:67|100 STL:17|100 3B:0|0 CB:0|25 N:2902 STK:+4 Hands:19pcgnome99(BTN) $1792 – VP:0 PFR:0 AF: W:67|0 STL: 3B:0| CB: N:-200 STK:-5 Hands:19Me(SB) $2905 -VP:21 PFR:16 AF:1.3 W:25|100 STL:100| 3B:0| CB:100| N:-849 STK:-5 Hands:19

Blinds-150300 ante 25

Pre Flop: Me(SB) with [8s,8c]
UncleEdddy2288(UTG) folds, KBJ(MP) folds, qwsazxcde2(CO) calls 100, pcgnome99(BTN) folds, Me(SB) raises 150, wadeostrum(BB) folds, qwsazxcde2(CO) calls 100

Flop: (3h,Ts,9d) (2 players)
Me(SB) bets 199, qwsazxcde2(LP) calls 199

Turn: 3s (2 players)
Me(SB) bets 300, qwsazxcde2(LP) raises 685, Me(SB) folds

This flop for me was to good not to bet and turn made it even more easier to bet and riv ….I sure as hell didn’t put him on KQ..I wanted post this cause it caught me off guard..

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