$200 NLHE Full Ring: a couple hands from Live session

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1) Im on BTN with Kd3d , 6 limpers i opt to just limp and see a flop
Flop: Ad Kc 4d SB bets out 10$ , BB raises to 25$ everyone folds and i call
Turn: 2h SB checks and BB shoves for last 55$, action on us ….We?

2) UTG raises to 15$(tight player) and there is 1 loose call im MP with QsQc and raise to 40$ (i know its a very light 3bet but i wanted to see if UTG would 4bet). They both call
Flop: As Ts 3h and UTG shoves for last 60$ loose callers folds and actions on us….We?

Once again if anyone would like to inbox me to talk poker feel free! I would love to help out or just discuss poker.

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