Will income tax file for Foreign Exchange through Neteller

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I have done gambling from Bet365 through neteller from May2015. I later validated my SBI card in neteller. So some successful withdrawal of money is done through Bankwire.. I lost so much money of around 1.75L through all these months and at the same time when i got profit, i withdrawal some amount(like 4-5 transactions i have done, each time around 10k to 25k max). and i have deposited 1k to 10k max per transactions through multiple cards. so total of around i have done 50-60 transaction of small amounts. The problem is now i don’t want to get into trouble of Income Tax or RBI or i don’t want to know about this to my family. i have read so many blogs, that incometax filing will be done and other problems like 30 percent tax….!!! I should be one who should suffer. Please help me what gonna happen to me. i was so scared!! 🙁

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