Why not limping?

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I have seen some recent posts about limp. First I would like to say what is limp, so most beginners can understand the whole article and not get lost.
A player "limps" in a particular hand when he just paid the blind, instead of making a raise.
Many people argue that every hand has a chance to win, and that the greater the number of flops you see, more games will … and this is true.
But before going into much detail, I wanted to put some interesting numbers:
Chance to go out with a pocket pair: 5.90%
With a pair on hand, your chances to improve the game are:
* Trinca: 10.8%
* Full House: 0.70%
* Court: 0.20%
With any 2 cards, your chances of improving your hand are:
* 1 double: 32.4%
* 2 double: 2.00%
* 1 crack: 1.35%
* Full House: 0.10%
* Court: 0.01% (one per one thousand)
That is, we consider a round of blinds. As the chance to go out with a pocket pair is 5.9%, I will disregard any couple can leave. Let’s also assume that you have 1000 chips, which only limps on all hands and the blinds are 5/10. To facilitate, I will also assume that no one opened a raise.
Well then, you’ve spent a total of 10 x 10 (on all the table positions) = $ 100
Whereas the chances of you to improve your game are a maximum of 32.4%, this means you only have one hand on the decent maximum (because these data include you make a couple of 2 with 2AJ on the table) at 1 / 3 of the time, and probably will not even win 1/3 of hands. If you make two pair, there’s something … but chances decrease to 2%, and a round of blinds is unlikely to happen …
But anyway … you spent $ 100, and probably 70 were disperdiçados because you came in with bad hands limp!
Despite the fact that it is unlikely to make a good game, it is important to note that:
* You, if you win, probably will not get a good table. This is simple to understand: your investment was low, so probably also returned;
* The odds do not change with the sample field. You will see more good games coming out, but will also see bad hands all the time. You will see that almost never hit the flop.
* It will be harder to bluff, and the bluff is an important part of the game.
Now talking about limping with premium hands and not with ATC (any two cards):
I know muuuuuuuita people who does not raise before the flop with AA, KK, QQ etc.
You may wonder, "Hey, I do that … what’s wrong?"
What’s wrong is that you are liable to lose to a much worse hand than yours or help build a good pot and earn enough money, that is your intention !!!!!
Situation 1: You receive QQ and limps. The table rotates fold, and ends up being just you and the BB, which only need to table.
Now let’s imagine that out on the flop 356;
Do you know what that means?? You, for fear of betting and expel all hand world, gave the opportunity for a player with a bad hand (47, for example) win !!! And what happened was that instead of earning little, you will lose. Is very.
Situation 2: You get KK and limps. BB gets 9J and gives check.
The flop comes K92. You did a set, congratulations, is with a great hand … and bet. The villain think you can be earning or paying to see if his game improved further and calls. The same thing ends up happening Turn and River, and you earn a median table.
But let’s look at this hand if you had given a raise preflop:
The villain already has investment of BB on the table. Call a raise with J9, already having chips on the table, it is perfectly understandable.
Now you’ve got to invest better in your hand, and the villain, but also has an investment, of course will also want to get a certain return, and you will probably draw more chips it.
Also, if he does not hit anything on the flop, you can bluff, and as already shown strength with a raise before the flop, the villain may end up giving fold, even if you have not made hand (AK that did not work for example)!
I managed to well expose my views on this subject which is always a matter of debate. Limping can be used as a trap, but only if you improve your hand or if the villain does not improve it. So I tell you, in doing so, it runs the risk of making little or lose a lot, the fact that I usually realize.
That’s it, I have helped.

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