What aspect of Poker play is hardest to learn or master ?

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I’ve been playing Poker for just over a year now. When I first started I did a lot of research, reading etc… Having understood the basic concepts I dived in and had a go…

I think the easiest thing to understand in Poker is Hand Ranges… It is mathematical, but, I think learning the starting hand ranges and adapting to ones own style and personal preference is the ‚easiest‘ aspect of Poker…

Pre Flop is so much easier than post flop… Making decisions based on 2 cards, and opponents and chip stack with 2 cards against the same conditions but with 7 cards to consider is obviously harder…

But Poker has so many skills to learn… One I have difficulty with is BLUFFING !

Another skill is bet sizes… predominantly post flop…. How to not blow a great hand or how to not lose your stack with something inferior

Another is Reading skills… Knowing your opponents potential hand ! Based on their bet, chip stack, position, the position of the tournament !

A simple thing to consider is discipline and patience ? Is this that relevant even ?

Controlling your stack… temper ! <lol>

I’ve just suggested a few… I’m sure i have not even mentioned the most important things so please enlighten me 🙂

Maybe an easier question is to ask what is it that the players who are always doing well in the cardschat freerolls have that the eliminated players didn’t have <don’t say good cards>

Just to answer my own question… Reading other peoples hands… That is what i struggle with the most 🙂 And betting post flop… When i have a good hand ! and worse, when I don’t !!

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