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Hey All ,

I"m new to this community and I"m hoping I can get some feedback. Today I was playing in the $200 cash game at The Commerce Casino in CA. Long story Short I was the button and was heads up against a player, that Raised the pot to 40 On the Turn, i re – raised him all in for another $41….he called.. final card came. I turned over my Pocket 7’s he looked for 30 seconds, then slammed his cards down ( face down) onto the center of the table. The Dealer was protecting her muck pile and it was rather far back near her chip rack closer to seat 1. As she began to pull the two folded cards toward her muck pile, the player slammed his hands down on top of hers and physically pulled his cards out from under her hands revealing a straight….I was obviously disappointed and asked for a supervisor…he said that the cards technically never hit the muck and that it was ok for him to pull them from the dealers hands. I had never imagined that forward motion towards the muck, in addition to the dealer actually having the cards in her hand wouldn’t be enough to have the call go in my favor….Any thoughts on this??? would love to hear…



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