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Hey guys. So I’m at my local casino playing low limit stakes ($1/$2) and I’m sat on the button with JJ. There are 7 people at my table. 3 limpers enter the pot. I count out a $12 raise, (3 chips, a $10 chip and 2 $1 chips) pick up my chips in one stack and place them down over the white line.
The SB folds and the BB checks. (The BB in this situation is a regular who is known by his first name to casino staff which I was uneasy about considering what occurred next). I asked why he was checking when I had raised the pot to $12. He said my raise only counted as a call because I didn’t announce my raise (which I will always be doing in future from now on). I ask the dealer if my raise is legitimate to which he responds it isn’t. I ask for a ruling from floor staff to which they agree that my bet didn’t constitute a raise, only a call. The BB accused me of string betting, despite me only having one constant forward motion with my chips.
So, did I string bet/just call or was my move a legitimate raise and I’ve been bullish***ed by a reg looking to angle who’s been backed up by casino staff?
Just fyi, I took down the pot on the flop with a set.
Anyway, this ’string betting‘ fiasco happened two more times at the table but only against this one opponent. Everyone else at the table saw my raises as raises and not just calls.
Any answers are greatly appreciated and good luck on the tables!

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