Strategy Question on Texas hold 'em online micro stakes

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Ok so I consider myself a solid love player but not online. I can play for as long as I like, grind it out and 9/10 times I can make money slowly but inevitably I lose one big hand and my stack is gone. What is this indicative of? I can make the right plays and double or triple up but I will eventually lose my entire stack on one hand usually because I want to prove myself right that the other player had the hand I thought he did and I am almost always correct. Basically I go on tilt is what I would say or maybe lose patience. If anyone wants to analyze my hand history or stats more then welcome. I play on bet online because I love in New York and don’t know where else to play. Also a suggestion on tht would be great. How is it I am profitable love but online I cannot win. I am guessing it’s te emotional aspect and the trivial stAkes I play at. Any advice?

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