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Hello my poker comrades,

Before I get to my first post, I just wanted to say a big thank you to the community here. Your posts and comments have been insightful, and helped me plug a few holes in my game….or at least make the holes smaller 🙂

Now on to the topic at hand:

How do you find the skill levels on different poker sites?

6 months ago I started playing fairly regularly on poker stars. As the months went on I began to take my play more seriously, and now consider myself a student of the game.

Last month I logged on to full tilt for the first time and was surprised with the contrast in play style/skill level. Players are shoving with A x unsuited, calling every street to showdown with trash, etc

Now, maybe my experience is not the norm, but I was curious to see what everybody thinks.

Do you find a big swing in play style and skill level from site to site?

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