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I guess I need to learn how to easily use an AHK program. Any suggestions? Or am I doing something wrong at stars that I can undo to get this really annoying situation to not happen again.

I use the hotkeys on stars and have under multitabling the "dont steal focus" checked. BUT::::

Say I have 16 tables up. I take a bit of time for a decision and the "beep beep" is alarming on a few tables. I then make my decision and am on my next table with AA, (this actually happened… and it could be anything and has happened with other hands, but this was especially fuked) and an early position super agro raiser. I go to re raise, but am sat out on another table due to time out, so the now INACTIVE (!!!) table pops up and my click hits some space at that table and I dont raise like I just tried to……… FUK. I quickly get my previous table up and am going to raise it and ANOTHER TABLE CLOSES DUE TO TIME OUT AND POPS UP. FUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK …. These are tables where I am now sitting out due to timing out.. So fukin what? There is a button I can click to sit back in, when I am in a decision on a live table why the fk does stars software think I am more interested in a table where I am sitting out??? FFS. Now I try to get the AA table back and same thing again. Now I get it back and I have timed out there and folded…….

This only ever happens when I take more time than usual on a table a few times and my time clock is run out, so if I dont make my decision timely I am auto-sit out. That in and of itself is OK, I know it, but why doeas a table that is basically dead any I have nothing to decide take precedence over the table I have up and am trying to click on????

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