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Anyone able to give me some pointers at online poker….been trying to build my bankroll on these sites thru freerolls and just cant do it! Been trying a long time at least 8 months on one site. I do great live! Been doing live poker like a second job and been doing so great at it, almost to the point where i can quit my day job and live being a poker player, but online is a different story 🙁 i do online the days when no live poker is going on, and I just cant win!!! Every tournament i join i get crapped on! All in preflop AA vs J4 off really?!?! Ok your lost K72-4-4 FLIPPIN REALLY next tournament KK raise 3 times bb one call flop 39K he goes all in i call he has 10 2 of clubs one club on flop. Really?!?!? Ok your lost runner runner clubs for flush FLIPPIN REALLY?!?! When i say everytime i mean it EVERYTIME! So idk what to do?!?!?! Please help me out to build my online bankroll with some pointers on online poker guess my live game skills isnt enough for online

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