Pocket AA vs all in on flop

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I came across a hand last night that I struggled with. In hindsight I have decided that I should have folded but I would like to get some other thoughts on the situation.

I am sitting with just under 9000 in chips. I am in the hi-jack position… and there are two limpers in the hand. I look down at two red AA’s. the blinds are 75 and 150 so I raise to 525. The small blind is the only caller… a fairly tight player.

The flop is the 10 of Spades the 3 of hearts and 4 of diamonds.

The small blind takes all of his chips and makes a show of forcefully pounding them into the middle… As I said he has been a fairly tight player all night, and if anyone else had done the same I would have called fairly easily. I tried talking to him but nothing… However, he did look confident.

I was going back and forth on what he could have called me with to be so confident, and the only thing I could come up with was pocket 10’s making a set or pocket AA or KK. I was leaning toward the pocket 10’s but do I fold because I am narrowing his range to one hand?

Ultimately I called… and I was right. He had pocket 10’s. I guess I should have gone with my gut… but is that the ultimate winning strategy for long-term poker. I’m not sure. What are some thoughts?

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