My 888 Account Was Suspended After Falsely Being Accused of Sharing Information

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Hi There,

I will give some context. So I am a complete novice at online poker but a few weeks back I decided to give it a go and set up a 888poker account and use their £30/$30 offer that was available to use for the first 24 hours after setting up the account. In that day I entered into about 8-10 tournaments with a $1 buy-in, with the tournaments having between 20-40 players in them. In that day I managed to win one of the 20 man tournaments and I also finished second and third in two other tournaments. For the next 4 days I would just play a few matches here and there but with play money as I did not want to gamble as I did not feel confident betting with my own money yet, until I get an email from 888poker saying that my account has been suspended for suspicion of "sharing of information between players, as a method of gaining an unfair advantage over our other members".

My account has since been reviewed and they are willing to reinstate it if I provide verified documents such as a copy of my passport or drivers licence.

I am baffled by all of this as I genuinely do not know anyone on the sitenor did I message any other players in any shape or form. I just want to know has this ever happened to anyone else or know anything about this and why I may have somehow aroused suspicion?

Also could this be some sort of scam to get copies of my documents such as passport and drivers licence?


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