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So I have doubled up my deposit and learned a ton from this site, new stuff every day, and bought poker tracker. I decided after this sort of achievement is tale a more in depth look at my career so far.

Looked at the graphs to check out all in EV as I just figured out what it actually was, neat tool, then I ticked of the boxes for won when went to showdown and won without showdown, expecting, naively, to see similar graphs, but got a small shock with basically -250 BBs down with my red line. I guess with blinds and good folds this line goes down but I didn’t think I’d been getting to showdown nearly that much more than taking down pots, and for that matter I thought I was getting pretty good at winning pots without showdown. My red line basically just goes down and down, and has negated about 1/6th of my blue line winnings.

What are some reasons my red line is dropping at a steady rate
What are resources to improve my red line and possibly turn it around
Is aggression linked to the red line pretty closely

This looks like sort of a big leak and a good one to plug before I move up in stakes or even take shots. (I’m practicing BRM of 50BI for current stakes, at 25, with shots at 20BI for the stakes I shoot at, really want to take things slow and steady).

As always, all posts are appreciated!

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