Micro-limit goal setting. Where do I start

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I have some general goals in mind already but was wondering how to best set numerical goals for the rest of the month. I’ve been learning and reading a ton and want to take the next step which I think is to set goals and objectives. I don’t want to really get into the goals as they are just normal improvements anyone should be trying to achieve regularly. What I’d like to get some insight in is setting realistic quantitative objectives for micro limits for the rest of this month.

I’m currently just focusing on ABC poker and have a small sample so far of 1k hands over about 10 hours. During this time I’ve been earning a little over 80BB/100 hands. I typically play 2 or 3 tables and use a HUD. If my general goal is to work up through the stakes, should I be adding tables? Should I shoot for a certain win rate and really grind up my BR to 100 bucks. I started at $30 and am up to $40 so my overall earning potential is something like a dollar an hour. Although getting up to $100 seems daunting I think it will really help me with discipline and by the time I get there hopefully the transition will be easier than if I just start taking shots.

Anyway what are some success stories from some of the guys who really did grind from the bottom up?

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