Lucky Drunk or Unlucky Me

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Saturday $210 Deepstack Event at my Local Casino

I was about 2 hours late, on purpose, and got seated with a $30K staring stack and 30 minute levels; there were a 151 entries and the top 18 were paid. From the second I sat down I noted a multitude of very passive aggressive players, lots of check/calling, even with pretty large bets for substantial portions of their own stacks. In other words, my stack was at risk every hand, so I tightened my range and just folded for quite a while.

I played for about 8 hours and did pretty well, things were definitely going my way. I sucked out of having the low set in a set-over-set scenario by hitting my one out and even flopped the nut flush in position during a 5 way pot.

I managed to build a respectable stack and was eying the prize. However, I got involved with the Big Blind on two hands below that ended that. He was a pretty decent player, and I have played him before. He was drinking, and by the end was pretty much sloshed – yet he still beat me and I’d like to see what everyone thinks.

Hand #11 – Level 16 ($1K/$5K/$10K) My Stack $405K

There was a mid-position open limp for $10K and all folds to me on the button with 10c 8c. I elected to flat call to achieve position with high SPR, the Big Blind checked too.

Pot: $45K
Flop: Jc 2d 4h

The action checked to me and I bet $26K; the Big Blind called after staring me down for a while and everyone else folded.

Pot: $97K
Turn Js

The Big Blind checked and I elected to check as well, taking a pretty solid line, I even told myself that I was going to fire $65K on the river if he were check.

Pot: $97K
River: 5s

He checked and I followed through with my plan and fired $65K. He tanked for a good 2 minutes and called with A4o to win. Obviously, I think his call was a great one, but I don’t mind my line there either – that should have worked, so I guess I just got soul read.

The bubble burst at 18 and a couple of min-cashers (like me) went out quickly.

About an Hour Later…
Hand #12 – Level 18 ($2K/$8K/$16K) My Stack $300K

The action folded to me on the button and I raised to $32K with 10h 9h, the Big Blind flat called after just winning a big pot in kind of a jackass fashion. He had been drinking, and doing shots, and was very clearly drunk by this point. So, I was dealing with a drunk player that just won a big pot, and thought he couldn’t lose; I probably should have simply cut and run based on that alone, but I didn’t.

Anyway, also, after I raised he looked at his cards and clearly didn’t like them. He said “Should I defend with this garbage?” holding his hand high enough for the player to his left to see, then said “**** it, yeah I’ll defend.” and called.

Pot: $92K
Flop: 9c 4d 3s

He checked to me and I bet $45K. “I’m really surprised to see you bet there”, he said, as he went back and forth between calling and folding, he finally called. So, I knew he had a piece, a 3 or a 4, I just hoped it wasn’t 34 and I also knew he would try to knock me off my perceived C-Bet bluff on the turn; this was the same guy from the A4o hand above.

Pot: $182K
Turn: Qc

He did exactly what I thought he’d do, say for the drunken way in which he did it, and bet $85K. I tanked for a minute to be sure this was a good idea, but was sure I was ahead of bottom or mid-pair, and moved all-in. He tanked for 2 minutes, so I really thought I was good then (now in hindsight, he was just playing with me like the drunken asshole he was). He finally called and rolled over Q3o for two-pair.

The 10s hit the river, giving me two-pair too, but yeah…and that was it, 15th for $490 on a $210 entry despite having a pretty good day and building a big stack, which isn’t something do very often. ****!

I think I got 3-outed by a drunk – anyone?

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