Knowing when to stop

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Every morning, I win about 50 bucks at 5-10 zoom poker. Every evening I lose it all. Today, I spent the whole day go win from 10 bucks to 95. I told myself once I got to 100, I would stop.
Next thing, 3 bad beats and I’m down to 20 bucks and on tilt.
I stop caring and start shoving with any hands I get. Any!
I go by mistake to the Omaha room and lose 10 bucks there. I go back to the 5-10 room and shove my last 10 bucks. My pocket 4s lose to someone’s pocket Ks. I end up transferring 100 bucks to my Poker Stars account.
Had I known when to stop, I’d be on + 95 bucks.
How do you know when to stop? How do you know when you’re not 100%. ?
Has anybody experienced something similar?

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