I'm Probably a fish.

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As the title strongly suggests, I am not very good at poker! Let me explain.

So I play often enough that you could call it obsession. I try very hard and despite lots of leaks in my game, I consider myself to have the basics down.

The problem is I am constantly feeling out of my depth! If I play in Higher stakes, I’m out of my comfort zone and players tend to run me over. If I play lower stakes my hand reading skills suffer because I’m playing against hit and hope players who have no real strategy. ABC poker works well of course but I still find myself cursing my screen when players are calling my 3 bet with 2 7 and turning two pair.

If I’m being honest, patients is probably one of my biggest problems. I wait 30+ hands sifting through raggy shit. Then catch a bad beat.

One thing I can be proud of is my ability to bluff. Against players with a good level of hand reading skill, I feel I can accurately represent the hand they are fearing and usually have the table image to back it up.


I really do appreciate bluffing is only one weapon in the arsenal.

I’m not sure what advice anyone could possibly give, but if you have anything at all to say, please do share.


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