How to stop being lazy and have motivation.

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Hey CC, I’m trying to be disciplined and have commitment. I know that the only way for me to win at a poker table it requires studying. I think being prepared is good.

One big problem I have is my schedule is 3 hours of study and 5 hours of play. I always have a big problem with the studying part though……I can’t get the motivation to do it. I keep making excuses and saying later, later, later. Basically I put it off. I wish I had the ability to just go play Poker and win. But I know from experience that looking through HH, finding certain ways to play a hand and having a game plan has a big effect on my chances of winning.

Does anyone know what helps? Should I just set a time requirement

maybe like 7pm-10pm study. HHs, goal setting, decision making tactics?

For example, I know right now I still have 2 1/2 hours of studying to do……it’s already 11pm and tomorrow I have to be at the casino at 10AM.

I really just don’t like that part of poker….having to sit there and look over any adjustments that need to be made such a burden. Reminds me of having a job.

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