how to play a small pair of tens, big blinds

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Hello I would like to discuss how to play an advanced stage of the tournament in which we have fallen about 7 percent of game situations in which difficult are these others are about 2 or 3 tables. To say that I have a stack of 150 k in which I remaining 10 blinds from early position have a pair of 22 to 99, you can fold your hand or defend you my pair if a big stack pushes me?sometimes fold these pairs, against opponents who push with AK because usually when you pay at this stage of the tournament at a big stack it wins the hand, then comes that moment when I folded hand because I have 66 and two of your opponents are all in covering my stack one showed AQ and AK other, then see that taking pot of nothing.sometimes on the basis of information about my opponents, I think to fold a hand like JJ, it happened when we were 10 people and I had a stack of 635 K blinds 30 000 -60 000, remained one place to the final table, I paid all in this that was pushing on my assessment of А-X, after which he had AQ and river brought him A. Ask for advice how to play these small pairs at this stage when the blinds are so important.

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