How could I have played this better?

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Hello again!

I am once again in awe, cursing pokerstars and shouting at my computer screen because of a bad beat. let me explain.

I’m on the BTN with QQ and the CO raises to about 3bbs.

I re-raise to 12bbs, the blinds fold and the CO is the only other one to call.

The flop comes pretty dry – 2 5 8 rainbow and he bets about 1.5x the pot.

I am shallow as it is and take this opportunity to shove and he calls.

he has K8o and so I’m ahead but the turn is a 2 and the river is a K.

It is these kind of hands where I feel like I’m falling down because I know I’m ahead, I try to get as much value as possible and then it ends up cracked.

Very frustrating, any advice is welcome.


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